Monday, April 14, 2014

London's Waterways - the Thames River and the canals

London's Thames River and canals make me smile. From seeing a ship called The Tolkien to watching a bird taking a bath.

The river is 346 km and features throughout english literature. The clay deposits suggest it may be as old as 50 to 60 million years old!

Taking a walk along the southbank, crossing over one of London's magnificent bridges, you can't help but feel proud of one of London's greatest treasures.

You shouldn't swim in the river, though some people do and then need rescuing. The river is not just home to sea life but raw sewage finds its way in there too.

Keep an eye out when you're by the river. You never know what you might see. In 2006, there was a whale which sadly died. Its remains went to the natural history museum for research.

This spring, take some time to discover London's Thames River and canals.

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