Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beauty Secrets and Tips

Beauty secrets are a girl's best-friend. And taking care of yourself is important. Some research suggests that it can impact your career and your social life. Here are a few beauty secrets and tips:
How to make yourself taller? Wear high heels and slimming clothes. Yoga helps with posture and can be good too.
Confidence - can be very attractive, why do you think celebrities look great? 
Makeup - can have a great effect on your lips, your eyes, your face shape and your cheek bones. It's also a great confidence booster.
Smile - Studies show that people who smile are perceived as attractive
Work out what suits you - This requires some experimentation and effort. You can pick up some great tips from the tv show Style Her Famous
Shopping - a new accessory or item of clothing can jazz up your look. Check out magazines - online or pick up a copy for trends.
Pamper Yourself - A facial, massage or any other treatment not only reduces stress but will make you feel happier and can be very beneficial for your skin.
Diet - Fresh food and vegetables not only can be slimming but they are great for your skin, hair, nails, health and general well being.
Exercise - can give you a lovely glow.  
Nice Underwear - makes a girl feel sexy, a good bra can also give your body a better shape and improve your posture
Hair - consult a decent hair dresser, experiment with colour and length if you've never done it before.Are you using a good shampoo, conditioner and products? 
Colour - can make you look younger, older, thinner, fatter and flatter your skin tone. Learn what works for you and take note when you receive compliments. 

You need to invest in yourself, because you are your best asset. And when you lose your looks, it's much harder to get it back. Build your own list of beauty secrets and tips. Have fun with it, enjoy being beautiful. Everyone has something beautiful about them. Take pride in what is great about you.

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