Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When I Met David and Victoria Beckhams' Manicurist ....

Tips and Tricks for Men and Women on Doing Your Nails - from the manicurist to the Beckhams. 

I love french manicures and treat myself every now and then. I was at an event where they gave free manicures and the lady who did my nails happened to also be manicurist to David and Victoria Beckham. We chatted about what a tough time the pair had from the press and how they were lovely people. They are the royalty of British football and their home is nicknamed Beckingham Palace but fame comes at a cost, especially when you are super wealthy and attractive.

For Men
I'm not sure if David has his nails done regularly or if it's just for public appearances and photo shoots, but guys, girls are impressed with attention to detail and you're not less of a man if you take care of your appearance. Why do you think DB has so many fans?

I'm not advocating that you should colour your nails, but filing them so they look neat and using a cuticle stick won't kill you and only takes about 10 minutes. Borrow your sister's, girlfriend's or Mum's kit if you are too embarassed to buy them yourself or order them online.

For Women
My point in this post is not to boast about the six degrees of separation from the Beckhams, but to share the nail tips.

When she had finished the topcoat, she applied some oil onto the nails. The reason is so that this can help protect them as they dry and if you accidentally touch your nails it is unlikely that you have ruined your hard work.

I apply grapeseed or rose oil after I do my nails and I'm pleased to say that it works.

Some other tips are:
  • don't buff your nails as it makes them weaker, and
  • you should put polish on your nails, even if it is clear to protect them.

I don't buff any more. I am not a disciple of having polish on my nails all the time simply because I don't have time and I believe that we shouldn't put chemicals on our body if we can help it.

Some other lessons I've discovered over the years:
  • Nail polish in a pale white / pink, often called french gives nails a subtle and elegant colour and is like a mini french manicure without the tips. 
  • Use a quick dry as it does reduce waiting time. These are available in your local pharmacy or drug store.
  • Apply a long lasting clear polish as this does prevent chipping and keeps your pretty coloured nails looking lovely longer.  
Free Stuff
Look out for free manicures at special shopping events and promotions done by department stores. Around Christmas I've had my nails done in Selfridges at a counter because I've bought 2 bottles of polish.

More Beauty Secrets
You might like to learn about How to have Great Skin, Pamper Yourself & Create Your Own Home Spa and Natural Hair Treatments. If you want to learn more from a manicurist, speak to yours or stop by a department store counter and find out some helpful tips and share them here. You might also find nailsmanicure.net useful if you like to DIY.

So this was just another wonderful experience in London - having my nails done by someone who has looked after David and Victoria Beckhams, and may be I'll meet them one day if they ever move back to the UK!

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