Monday, April 11, 2011

Gourmet brunch at home

Cheap gourmet brunch - Brunch is one of those truly wonderful pass times on the weekend. In London, brunch can cost a small fortune. I threw this together and it cost less than a fiver.

The how - I picked up sausages from Waitrose - spicy beef with paprika and lamb chipolatas with herbs. The walnut bread was a last minute addition to my shopping basket since they didn't have the wholemeal bread that I normally buy. I added a generous slather of my homemade hummus to the walnut bread. And my salad consisted of peppery rocket, plum tomatoes, avocado (which always makes salad special), and a drizzle of extra light olive oil. It was all ready to serve in 10 minutes and it tasted phenomenal. Waitrose deliver. Or for a paradise of good food, check out a store near you at

Health tip - I rinsed my sausages in water after pan frying so they were less oily and fatty.
If you want a fuller breakfast, add a soft boiled egg with cayenne pepper and get your protein fix.

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Places to go - Feel like heading out for brunch? Try one of these places recommended by Timeout magazine: London's best breakfasts at or indulge at the Landmark Hotel which has a Sunday champagne jazz brunch in the Winter Garden (  One of my fave chill out places is Brompton Quarter Brasserie which use organic eggs and milk (

Fast fact - typically brunch is between 11am and 1 pm. If it's before 10am, it's considered breakfast.

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